2016 / 25 February

Habanero Whitefield – TexMex Food

Habanero, located in the Park Square Mall in Whitefield, is one of the places which us folks who live and work around the ITPL end up visiting at one time or the other. They serve Tex-Mex food, which is a fusion of American and Mexican food.


It’s a brightly lit place with spaced out seating around a bar. For smaller groups of 2’s and fours, they have a window side seating with sofas, and the center area has tables and chairs which they can join together for bigger groups. It’s not too crowded during weekdays, with just a few folks visiting it, but Friday afternoons usually means more crowd here. We’ve never had to wait for a table here. The downside is that  most times we’ve visited, the place had a stale and musty smell since their air-conditioning seems to be switched off or not working.

Food & Drinks

One of the reasons we end up frequent this place is because of their draught beer offer, which is priced at Rs.99 for a mug or Rs.199 for a pitcher during lunch time. They also have a selection of hard liquor and cocktails as well. If you ask nicely they’ll throw in a  free serving of  Nachos with the beer. The Nachos are nothing great, but something to munch on with the beer till food arrives.

Most of our group end up ordering mostly from their selection of 2 salads, the Taco salad or the Fiesta Salad. The Taco Salad is served in an edible bowl made of deep fried taco. Its’ not really healthy if you end up eating up the taco bowl. If you do plan on ordering this dish, make sure they have Avacados in stock, or they’ll silently serve you the salad minus the Avocados. Their Fiesta salad is a safer bet on most days. If you’re really hungry, you should skip the salads and order their Chicken or Paneer Fajitas which is served as a sizzler dish, with a side of tortilla bread, avocados and beans.

Lack of Service

Service here is generally slow and unresponsive. They rarely even serve a glass water unless you ask for it. If you go with a big group, you should expect your food to be delayed. Most times, we visited, some of us get our food a while after the rest of the group finished their lunch. The staff seem to lack enthusiasm and don’t even bother about keeping a good level of service. There have been times when the waiter came around 15-20 minutes after I placed an order to let me know that the they’ve run out of the dish I ordered.

Summing up

The only reason we keep going back is for their 99 buck mug of beer and the decent food they serve. Their service is what really brings down at this Habanero outlet, and that seems to be the reason why it’s empty most of the days.

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